Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Child Marriages Or Child Brides Justified

You tube has a video of Shaykh Bilal Philips attempting to say that child marriages or child brides isn't the same thing. You see they are married, and according to him once a girl hits puberty according to law they can marry. If a man for 50 years old for example wishes to take an 11 year old as his bride THAT is not Pedophilia. He took examples of France, England, USA people going to countries like asia that sell their children off for other's pleasures, and leave as a good cause for pedophilia. They aren't doing the same thing. They marry the girls. If the girl Menstrual period has started then she is ready for marriage. They said that is consenual marriage. HOW a child of that age knows what they are consenting to I will never know. I'm sure some are very aware, and don't wish to do this...but then you have 'honor' issue.

He mentions that 1,400 YEARS ago in England and other countries marriage at that age happened all the time! You see their lifes were shorter, and if you were 50 you are on your way out...if NOT before! Are you going to call them into pedophilia.

I don't know about you but the society I grew up in doesn't do alot of things that they did in the past. I don't remember the last time one of my neighbors threw human waste in the middle of the street either. They didn't have toilets, and they didn't know how they were spreading disease and all the rest around. They changed that with findings it was causing health issues, but I guess if you want to use this agruement that would fine as well now if you do that also? Girls that young may have Menstrual periods, but alot of times they bodies aren't ready to bare children. Their maturity level isn't ready for a position within a marriage. Maybe we figured that out with time as well, and are we to ignore that? They say Prophet Mohammed consummated his marriage to his favourite wife when she was 9, but I don't think they truly KNEW the consquences of doing so at such a young age. Are they saying he would have done it if he had known this?

Above a youtube poster interruptation of such insanity that marrying a young girl off is moral. It seems ACT also doesn't agree with their interruptation either. These men need to stop justifying forced rape upon children like Nujood Ali, and others like her. They need to realize they are harming these girls, and I can't believe they would say that would honor Allah. Sorry - I don't buy it. They are called child marriages for a reason - they are children! They are child brides for that same reason.

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