Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Child Brides sanctioned by the Prophet Mohammed

As I do more reading about Mujood Ali and other child brides we find that some clerics feel this is sanctioned by Prophet Mohammed. As you remember CBS News Reported:

Nujood Ali was married at the age of nine to a man three times her age. It’s not an uncommon practice. Roughly half of Yemeni girls are married before 18, some as young as 8 years old. But it’s unusual and unlawful for those marriages to be consummated before the bride turns 15. But in Nujood’s case, her husband didn’t wait. And after enduring several weeks of abuse, Nujood one morning boarded a bus to head off to court in the city of Sana’a, Yemen’s capital. There she would wait for a judge to notice her. And there she would tell him, "I want a divorce."

He took her home to shelter her from her family, and then introduced her to Shada Nassar, one of a handful of female lawyers who is a staunch women’s rights advocate. Based on her husband’s own admission that he had slept with her, Nujood was granted a divorce. Since then, she’s inspired other girls forced into marriage to seek divorces. And she’s viewed by many in her country with bringing attention to a dangerous practice.

YES it would seem a very dangerous practice since girls of that age aren't mature enough to truly handle this role.

The Daily Nation reports:

Undoubtedly having heard of Nujood’s case, Mr Maghraoui, a Sulfist, issued the fatwa in June. He gave a crude rationale. A nine-year-old girl, he said, “has the same sexual capacity as a woman of 20 and over.” Moreover, “girls that age give better benefits than adult women.”

Lawyers, the media, Muslim scholars and the High Council of Ulemas hit back on what they considered legalisation of paedophilia. Authorities shut down Mr Al Maghraoui’s operations, including the website that carried the fatwa.

How completely sick is that? GIRLS that age give better benefits tha adult women? This man can say what he wishes, but I can't shallow the fact that any prophet would encourage pedophilia.

Defination: As a medical diagnosis, it is defined as a psychological disorder in which an adult experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent children.

The story continues:

Opponents of the practice tend to use high-sounding phraseology like “abuse of children’s rights” in condemnation. Simply, child brides suffer complications in pregnancy and delivery. Death hovers. Deliveries tend to be premature. Infant mortality is high and baby weight is low. That’s useless procreation.

Those engaging in child marriages operate on a myth that a girl is ready for marriage, hence childbirth, on menstruation.

Rubbish! Medically, menstruation is just an occurrence in a journey from childhood to adulthood. The journey’s duration varies from individual to individual. Hence, a tendency exists to advocate marriage at a safer age, for example 18.

Evidence exists that those who engage in the practice of child marriages inflict bodily and psychological pain. Unfortunately, international effort to fight the practice isn’t anywhere commensurate to the problem a la the fight against HIV/Aids.

Moreover, the practice is so much of a waste. Asked what she planned to do, Nujood said she would return to school and study to be a lawyer or journalist. Kids have dreams, hopes and goals. Why shatter them?

Why shatter them? They have better benefits for the MEN! Bleck!

It seems this cause for young child brides is being brought front and center somewhat. I can't believe that people actually believe that Child Brides are sanctioned by the Prophet Mohammed.

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