Friday, February 20, 2009

Child Brides: Tiringo

Here is a series of videos about Child Brides

57% of girls in Ethiopia are married before they reach their 18th birthday. In the first of a series of three short documentaries, Tiringo, married at age 6, explains how early marriage prevented her from attending school.

Child Brides: Tiringo

Child Brides: Alameye

In the Addis Ababa fistula hospital, Alameye, forced into marriage at 16, is recovering from surgery to repair a condition virtually unheard of in the West. The second in a series of three short documentaries examines how early marriage affects a girls health. In Ethiopia, there are 9000 new cases of fistula each year and an estimated 100,000 women go untreated due to a lack of resources. Despite her terrible ordeal at such a young age, Alameye is one of the lucky ones.

These Child Bride Series were made by Kim Haughton. Kim Haughton is an award winning photojournalist based in Dublin Ireland.

Her work has appeared in publications worldwide including:
The Guardian, The Observer, Boston Globe, London Times, Irish Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, TIME and Newsweek.

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