Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nujood Ali's Annullment

SHADMIA’S WORLD has nice pictures of Nujood Ali, including Nojoud's former husband (left)Faez Ali Thameur and Nojour's father Mohammad Ali Al-Ahdal (right) attended the hearing. I encourage you to read the story that the author has included as well!

Nujood Ali a Yemeni child bride gets annullment instead of a divorce for good reasons! According the BBC News:

Shatha Nasser says the judge annulled the marriage instead of granting a divorce, to stop the husband trying to reinstate the wedlock.

"We are grateful to the judge" she explains. "Had it been someone with strong traditional views, Nojoud could have been sent back home."

It seems that she is now living with her uncle as well

Instead, Nojoud is now living with her maternal uncle, Shu'ee Salem Attabi'ee.

Shu’ee told the BBC that his brother-in-law had had no control over the events.

"He is too frail to defend himself or his family" he explained.

"Nojoud is living happily with me and my eight other children. She is looking forward to going back to primary school as soon as possible."

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